Who's Watching the Barn When You're Gone??

OUR STANDARD PACKAGE  starts with a weekly walk-through, and that's what we do.

We conduct a weekly, thorough inspection of your entire property, while supervising and managing your subcontractors.

We are Wellington residents, having worked and lived here, we know what can happen to your property during the offseason.

From the moment you start with Barn-Walkers, we manage your property and insure that when you return, it is BETTER than when you left.

On Demand Personal Service

Farm, House, Arena, & Property Management

Landscape, Contractor, Utilities Management

Our Goal is to Manage and Protect Your Equestrian Investment.

  • We will send you reports weekly. 

  • We will work strictly for you and will be your eyes and ears. We will not accept any commissions from your service crews to maintain objectivity, and act on behalf of your best interest.

  • We will always be available to discuss your concerns.

  • We will manage and protect your equestrian investment.

  • We will give you access to the highest quality of Equestrian Equipment. 

We Got it Covered Until You Return!

Family Owned & Operated


Having lived and worked in Wellington for the better part of the last decade, we have seen first hand the need for reliable "Offseason" property management. With an extensive background in both corporate and property management, we have constructed an extensive network within the professional equestrian community. So when it comes to quality and reliability, we know what to look for and how to insure the job gets done right!

Trusted By Many Equestrians, Owners and Grand Prix Riders

On Demand

Personal Service

You have changes you want to make to your property during the offseason?


Is there an alarm going off on your property?


Can't remember if you locked the front door before you left? 


With Barn-Walkers property management, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that the projects, emergencies, changes, and improvements will be handled, managed, and conducted on your property correctly.

Barn-Walkers prides itself on the availability and service provided for our clients. Because we live in Wellington, therefore we are only a few minutes away and can be at any property at a moments notice.

  • Property Inspections

  • Emergency Response

  • Project Management 

  • Personal Plan


Farm, Home, &



From stall cleaning & power washing, to making sure hurricane shutters are installed, Barn-Walkers will make sure each of these vital needs are met with the highest standard.


A lot can go on in the offseason in South Florida. From hurricane season & rain to prepping the farm for you to come back, there are a lot of moving parts. Barn-Walkers can hire and manage the many contractors and third parties that may be conducting work on your farm or property. 

Have you thought about your arena while you are gone? We have!

Barn-Walkwers can help to insure that your arena is maintained during the offseason, so when you return it is as good if not better shape than when you left. 

Don't let your arena become a grass field!

  • Project Consulting

  • Arena Maintenance

  • Hurricane Shutters

  • House Maintenance

  • Renovation Consulting





Are there projects, changes, or improvements you would like to conduct to your landscaping? Barn-Walkers can assist you with the design, hiring and fulfillment of work by landscapers and contractors. 


In addition to managing the contractors and fulfilling your projects, Barn-Walkers will also manage and maintain the ever important utilities of your property. This also includes making sure your home appliances stay in top shape for when you return.

Finally, Barn-Walkers will make sure your house stays clean and if needed, will hire the necessary companies to come in and clean to the highest standard.

  • Landscape Design & Projects

  • Management Landscapers

  • Property Utilities Management

  • House Appliances Management

  • House Cleaning & Inspection


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